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It is Administration of Rokkasho-mura.


Land, house

Guidance (the business details, window application) of Obuchi lake town north district sale in lots


Delivery time of village tax payment

Health and welfare (Elderly, children and medical expenses)



Map and ground plan of the village office

Main affairs of sections

Web pages of sections

General Administration Division
General Administration Division information system group
Tax Affairs Section
Finance Section
Welfare section
Health section
Inhabitants section
Construction section
Policy promotion section / policy promotion group
Sightseeing in policy promotion section / group
Atomic energy measures section
International education training center
Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Division
Child support section
The Social Education Division
Water and sewage section
Agriculture committee
Board of elections

Village assembly

Village assembly
Guidance of meeting
As a result of meeting
Member of the Diet list
Assembly public information
Minutes search
Expense account of the chairperson
Various procedures

Education board

Summary of the Board of Education
Minutes of the Board of Education
Educational institution
Various procedures
Bulletin board of each school
Scholastic ability improvement promotion business
Child, child care
Various events
Various lectures, classrooms
Public hall

Laws & regulations

Bidding & contracts

Download application forms

TV kyo**bisekiren
Inhabitants section connection
Tax Affairs Section connection

Newsletter Rokkasho

Other news

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Rokkasho Village Office: 475 Aza-Nozuki, Oaza-Obuchi, Rokkasho-mura, Kamikita-gun, Aomori 0393212, Japan TEL: 0175-72-2111 (main) FAX: 0175-72-2603

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