rokkasho living.  …Life in Rokkasho-mura, do you not begin?


Rokkasho-mura is treasure house of magnificent, beautiful nature among the sea, mountain, river, wetlands.

And it is "village of energy" which various energy industry and research facilities accumulate.

Rich blessings of nature support agriculture, dairy farming, fishery that is key industry well,

Various energy industry takes big part of the second, tertiary industry activation of village.

We play with nature here in work, spare time and spend time relaxedly. 

Do you not begin rokkasho living?


Rokkasho-mura town, person, work construction broad strategic view 


*We carry out various measures to support child care of inhabitants, and Rokkasho-mura carries out your land for sale by the lot sale to live in village, various support including various furtherance.
For reference of  "rokkasho living", please see by all means.

●Live (place, support, the furtherance)
●Live (Childbirth support, personnel training, support of Elderly, family, person with a disability support)

The following, "attention!" Business is a certain characteristic business of Rokkasho of this.


Recruitment of Community Revitalization Aid

New agriculture worker support

HelloWork Noheji job hunting information




Obuchi lake town north district (land purchase, building grant) attention!
Introduction of land for sale by the lot in Obuchi district

Information such as village houses 
Introductions of house such as village public, domiciliation promotion

Apartment information in village 
We introduce apartment of private business person management

Support, the furtherance

New construction, reform support project furtherance attention!
House is supported partly in village by new construction, one that we remodeled

New energy facilities introduction support attention!
Energy saving apparatus introduction costs are supported new energy including sunlight panel, HEMS partly

Flush lavatory participation promotion subsidization and flush lavatory remodeling fund loan
 Of some furtherance, restroom of change construction cost to the sewer wash with water; loan for construction cost

Merger septic tank setting maintenance operating cost assistance
We issue subsidy for septic tank setting


Childbirth support

Rokkasho-mura child, child care support project plan 


Specific infertility treatment costs furtherance attention!
 We support *2 time of 150,000 yen/time to ten times in total in 1 (charge: health consultation center)

Pregnant woman medical checkup transportation expenses payment attention!
 We provide at the 2,000 yen/time *14 time upper limit [the multi-womb 21st upper limit]

Pregnant woman medical expenses 100% payment
 Foreign medical expenses are paid 100% until the end of next month on delivery day by certificate application

・Delivery lump sum
 We provide delivery of National Health Insurance member with child care lump sum (charge: health section)

Child celebration gold attention!
 If child is born, we pay money of child celebration

Premature infant nurture medical expenses payment
 We support medical expenses of premature infant

Healthy child care support attention to continue in the future!
 We pay 60,000 yen / age per one child

Baby public medical checkup
 We issue examination 2 batch

Medical expenses payment pays attention to infants!
 We pay medical expenses of child until 0 years old - junior high school attendance at school close

Single-parent families pay medical expenses
We support medical institution medical examination costs of hospitalization, outpatient department of child (there is self-pay in parent)

Infants medical examination, consultation
 We carry out medical examination, consultation for infants

Private kindergarten entering financial incentive assistance
 We assist part of fee for entering kindergarten, childcare charges

Children's allowance
We pay allowance to child until 3 years old - junior high school graduation

Child Rearing Allowance
 We pay allowance to single-parent family having child younger than 18 years

Special Child Dependent's Allowance
 We pay allowance to household where child is with obstacle younger than 20 years

Home visit (maternal and child health)
Home visit of protector of whole milk infant until four months after birth and infants, child needing other support

Parent and child contact classroom
 We hold piyomama kangaroo lesson

Routine immunization
 We support inoculation expenses such as inactivating poliomyelitis, four kinds, three kinds of mixture

Scholarship fund loan
 We lend scholarship fund to person of entrance into a school of higher grade such as high school, university

Child student attendance at school support
It is helped to family having difficulty in expense burden in elementary and junior high school

Elementary and junior high school foreign countries on-site training
 We offer homestay experience in the Australia United States

・Elementary and junior high school school lunch fee charge-free attention!
 Free school lunch fee of child student of elementary and junior high school (charge: School Affairs Section)

・Assistance such as high school student attending school costs
Some assistance (charge: School Affairs Section) such as attending school costs to student going to school from home in village to high school of outskirts of a village

Rokkasho high school goes to school by bus and supports
We support a part of the attending school costs of student going to school to Rokkasho high school (charge: School Affairs Section)

・Elementary and junior high school official approval undergoing an examination costs assistance
We assist examination expense of official approval carried out in elementary and junior high school in village including kanji, mathematics, English (charge: School Affairs Section)


Personnel training

・Personnel training and entrance into a school of higher grade encouragement (charge: General Affairs Division) attention!
 Personnel training grant graduate school study, national qualification support for expense
Entrance into a school of higher grade incentive wages to entrance into a school of higher grade incentive wages high school, university

・Cooperation business attention with university!

 ○Tohoku University (Rokkasho-mura regional activation promotion business)
  We hold home delivery of cooked foods, interchange class at Tohoku University campus experience for junior high students, junior high school in village

 ○Muroran Institute of Technology
  We hold home delivery of cooked foods class that featured the theme of manufacturing at junior high school in village (charge: School Affairs Section)

International exchange business
 Germany Bahrain City or interchange with Jan Jan county in Korea

Circle activity including public hall business
 Lectures such as patchwork Bira Thijs

Rokkasho-mura town development meeting industrial development grant (to outside site)
The activities costs furtherance such as personnel training for regional activation

Support of Elderly, family

Emergency reporting system
 When it is necessary, we report to the safe center in sudden illness/disaster such as single life Elderly 65 years old or older

Family care bonus for special services attention!
We pay bonus for special services to one performing home health care toward the certification for long-term care more than one year

Family care classroom
 We hold lesson for the knowledge acquisition such as care method, the prevention

Family caregiver interchange
 We hold exchange meetings for refreshment such as families doing home health care

Elderly life support house
Support of house to Elderly of single life having difficulty in family support

Elderly households clear of snow, and they support
 Elderly households carry out the snow removing of household having difficulty in snow removing at the time of snowfall of fixed quantity

Care article supply
 We provide with paper diapers of need of nursing care 4.5 authorization

・Elderly bathing business attention!
 We distribute bathing facility free of charge ticket in village to Elderly 70 years or older and carry out pickup and drop-off (charge: welfare section)

Slight life support
Housework support to Elderly households which do not correspond to certification for long-term care

Longevity celebration gold attention!
 We pay money of celebration of 1 million yen at 80,000 yen, 100 years old at 88 years old

kotobuki classroom
 Targeting at Elderly, we carry out around 4-6 times, light sports and lecture, fictionization in year


Person with a disability support

Severeness mind and body person with a disability medical expenses payment
 Medical expenses assistance to one with severe mind and body disorder

・The transportation expenses furtherance of person with a disability
We support going to hospital transportation expenses (for one way) such as daycare users such as artificial dialysis patients (charge: welfare section)

Authority of purpose of life activity support place
 Everyday life training of one 65 years or older provides one-day service by single life

・Independence support payment 
Grant, repair of assistive device 
The 90% furtherance of obstacle welfare service expense

・Local life support project
 Everyday life tool is paid to person with severe disorder
Consultation support, house repair, others