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Difference between Blog Entry 128 Japan and driver's license acquisition of Korea

annyonhaseyo! It is member of Korean international exchange imujon.

It was influence of typhoon, or Rokkasho-mura of August became quite cool. Shower fell in the whole country, and Korea seemed to become slightly cool, too.

How did everybody spend summer?
I spent for Rokkasho-mura and interchange business with Xiangyang county (Jan Jan county) with interchange of Korea in Korea for approximately one week over from July to August.

When car runs on the left side time to realize that I am in Japan most. It was so this time. Japan knows thing keep to the left unlike Korea, but after all throbs when we turn right. We almost hit oncoming car unconsciously even if thinking with head.

It is not only traffic lane to object when we drive. Does everybody remember what was said from teacher in driving school? In the case of me, "we attached blinker -". In the case of Japan, blinker - reaches the right. As we were assigned to the left in Korea, we have touched the left wiper unintentionally. Teacher was surprised at me, too and attached contralateral blinker in a hurry. We were ashamed, but laugh when we remember the moment.

It is low in Korea to prefer driver's license to Japan and there is few and finishes time. Expense can take license in one week if we hurry in 6~7 ten thousand Japanese yen, and examination is easy, too. We meet until the third examination and primary examination is more than 80 in written examination and passes (until this April 70 points). The second says hall (janne) run and goes around driving school. And we run in course appointed in examination called road run last. Three times of written examinations are very easier than a certain Japan.

We are surprised to take for months until we take license in Japan to hear lodging together. Both money and several times take time in comparison with Korea, but I think that it was good to be able to learn driving in Japan. As well as basic rule including exchange of tire and confirmation of bonnet, this is because it is practical, and it was able to learn thing necessary for driving by just that much.


It is member of Korean international exchange that Blog Entry 127 is new!

yorobun, annyonhaseyo (hello by Korean, everybody)!

I am jo imujon which came from Korea. We will work in Rokkasho-mura international education training center from April. We were looking forward to the day meeting everybody all the time. We can come to Rokkasho-mura and are full of feelings of thanks. We would like everybody from now on as we want to make friends with many people.

My hometown is place called the Tenan era (Zheng'an) in Korea. Tenan that 1 hr depends on by car from Seoul is center of traffic of Korea. Transportation network with Seoul develops very much and can go by train to university of Seoul and can go to easily play in Seoul. In addition, as for the Tenan era, steamed bun of walnut is famous. In Korea, we ate boiled egg and cider and steamed bun of this walnut at the time of train trip in old days. If there is everybody opportunity as it is cake which can feel Korea of the good old 70s, please try by all means.

We traveled in Osaka and Kyoto, Hokkaido while working after the graduation from university in Korean company. We could discover the degree, each area unique characteristic and were fun. We are excited what kind of pleasure you can find in Rokkasho-mura. We still came to Rokkasho-mura and day was not long, but Rokkasho-mura was blessed naturally and felt that it was place comfortable at all. We can see Lake Obuchi from house where I live in, but wake up comfortably every morning.

I like delicious food and traveling. Therefore we want to convey various local information or cooking of Korea through Coffee Break. In addition, we want to introduce interesting figure only in Korea unlike other countries. And please look forward to as you write fun experience or new challenge in Rokkasho-mura!

Person who is interested in Korea, planned trip of Korea, which wants to only talk, please call out casually anytime. We want to deepen bond with everybody of Rokkasho-mura from now on while doing various interchange. From now on thank you for your cooperation.


Blog Entry 126 Germany Government: Problem Part 2 that forms the ruling party

Stone ten Tak. It is Dominick.

We wrote about the issue of ruling party organization last time. We explain how this problem was solved this time.

 It was argued in the country how we should create the ruling party with ability for political power in Germany for four months. Prime Minister Merkel hesitated in plan of single-party government by CDU (Christian Democratic Union) or three that performed general election once again, or united in CDU/ CSU party (Christian Democratic Union / Christian Social Union) and SPD party (the Social Democratic Party) and was state of politics blank.  

 By SPD party convention held on January 20, 2018 and 21st, opinion "why don't SPD party form CDU/CSU party and coalition in the same way as the government from 2013 through 2017?" appeared. Younger lawmakers of SPD were against coalition with CDU/CSU party, but they express agreement, and party member vote is performed party leader Martin Schultz and Mr. Leader member of the Diet Andrea naresu on March 4 by coalition, and 60% agrees and will be finally started the fourth coalition government.

 By the way, the number of the acquisition seats of each party in general election held in October is as follows.




 Coalition of CDU/CSU party and SPD party does not change with state from 2013 through 17. We only returned to original state. As for the time when we argued, it was useless so far. Furthermore, party called "Alternative for Germany" of right-winger group political party becomes the main opposition party and will have a big influence on assembly. German youths have question towards this coalition.


Best wishes

April 20, 2018

In Blog Entry 125 summer, it is camp in Korea!

 Everybody, anyohaseyo! It is Akaishi of international education training center.
We appreciate your clicking banner! !

 It is always this blog which two people of member of international exchange are writing,
I of staff of center borrow this section of the 125th,
We use for notice. Then we will say promptly!

 We wrote for title. It is time for camp in everybody, Korea of high school student.

 We want to go abroad! I want friend of foreigner! We want to introduce Japan!
Chance to grant thought for interest to such foreign countries! !
We came on seeing Newsletter Rokkasho with "pin tsu!",
It is suggestion that is GOOD for you who are special before screen very much! !

For more details, do you download lower PDF file?
To international education training center right now telephone.


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Blog Entry 124 Germany Government: Problem Part 1 that forms the ruling party


    Everybody, flow S noy S yeah! (A Happy New Year!) 
It is Dominick. We would like this year.
In October of last year, we introduced result of general election of Germany in this section. About problem that this theme happened after the vote. Everybody may be surprised, but, in Germany, there is no ruling party in the Diet now. We are going to explain this problem now.

Jamaican national flag



 After the 19th general election, social alliance (CDU/CSU), Green Party (Die Gruenen) and Liberal Democratic Party (FDP) are going to form the ruling coalition party Christianity democracy. Because color of political party of three was the same as color of Jamaican national flag with black, green, yellow, the word "Jamaica coalition" was prevalent in news.

Three political parties began discussion on October 24, 2017 to decide contents of coalition agreement. Claim was considerably different from political viewpoint of each political party and was reported from the first day when it was difficult discussion. CSU party which was conservative as main reason insisted on Green Party whereas we insisted saying "it should limit the number of refugees who came to Germany legitimately for less than one year!" saying "the emigration right is basic right!" and did not hand over.

Coalition discussion continued until November 19, and Liberal Democratic Party (FDP) party leader Christian phosphorus toner announced, "we withdraw from coalition discussion in FDP!" at last on the night of 19th. Between each political party, purposes are too much different, and this is because it was not able to build relationship of mutual trust. Sudden withdrawal of FDP party was criticized very much from not only CDU/CSU and Green Party but also other political parties.

In this way, critical state continues without the ruling party still existing now in the German Diet.

    Best wishes

February 23, 2018


○○ works for Blog Entry 123 heavy stomach?

annyonhaseyo! It is kayon.


When we had heavy stomach feeling, how is everybody?

If to go is in one and hospital swallowing up medicine, we will be in to just endure.

Various methods are in Korea, but want to introduce three of the inside.


1. As for "the hand of mom, hand of medicine, stomach of ○○ have song called shit stomach" sing while having character of "no" rub stomach to mother.

We live on the simplest method to child mainly.

Stomach becomes in good condition strangely when rubbed with warm kind that is full of love of mother.


2. We overwhelm lower prostitute.

We break extract of plum with water and drink.

As plum provides strong sterilization, detoxification, we prevent food poisoning, and there seems to be an effect for heavy stomach and constipation, diarrhea.



When two upper methods do not work, the last means remains.



3. It stings finger with needle and takes blood!

Hurdle is high method in the first one, but is folk remedy to work for earliest.

At first we truss up around joint of thumb with thread and turn off blood.

 If finger turns red, we stab part under thumbnail with needle kindly and give blood.

Then, not red blood, black blood comes out with pi.

Heavy stomach is cured strangely by it holding the blood out that the blood circulation worsens by heavy stomach, and black blood collected.

Nothing said in silence even if we did heavy stomach for fear of needle in a childhood, but it was noticed parent all too soon and was stabbed in finger and it was cured after all and was in high spirits.

It was method from old days, but exclusive needle was born in hygiene as it was not so good.


When we put disposable exclusive needle in the machine such as pen and push button, he/she pricks with finger.

In now when it was to adult, it is scary method that we do not want to use if possible, but effect is distinguished Korean folk remedy.

(please do not imitate person who does not have machine for exclusive use of ※!)


What kind of folk remedy is in Japan? Person knowing good method, please tell; ^^

From Rokkasho with love,
February 15, 2018




It is beautiful in winter of Blog Entry 122 Aomori!

It is Manes paduseyo pop to se! (by Korean A Happy New Year)


How did you have the New Year, everybody?

As close friend came to Aomori to play as for me from Korea, we saw the sights of Aomori including Aoni Onsen and Hakkoda Mountains and invited the New Year while seeing red and white and countdown concert in house on the last day of the year.

It was very fine as for about New Year's Day of this year and was able to introduce extremely beautiful Aomori.

As friend admired scenery of Aomori, "we did not know to be place that was so beautiful all the time! In addition, we took photograph while saying, we want to come to play.

I am blessed with weather most in these 3 years, too, and "is beautiful! While there was a series of great o, we were able to go on a happy trip.



Finally we introduce PV which my favorite Korean artist (HYUKOH, hyogo) took on the stage of Hakkoda Mountains of Aomori to everybody. Aomori is utsuri rundesuyo ^^ in place that is so wonderful to eyes of foreigner (HYUKOH - gondry)




From Rokkasho with love,
February 5, 2018



Naked culture of Blog Entry 121 Germany

 Everybody, stone ten Tak! It is Dominick.
Full-scale winter finally came over. As road is easy to be slippery, please be careful.

 As it became cold, I went to "rokkapokka" for the first time last week.
We wash body with pure hot water properly and think that hot spring is the best to calm energy. When it is said that I like hot spring, Japanese is surprised. We answer, but we think like that why, or it is not revealed, "we thought that foreigner does not want to show another person nude" when we ask why you are surprised. In the United States, it may have resistance to show nude, but, in the case of Germany, Russia, Europe including Finland, it does not have any problem at all to go in beach and sauna in nude.

 Nudism culture is still in East Germany in particular. In Germany "FKK-Freikorperkultur (furaikerupakurutua), Japanese because there is way of thinking of naturalism called culture of nude,"
There are many FKK- clothing optional beach and camping open spaces around the Baltic Sea. Besides, beach and sauna are man and woman mixes.

 So German thinks that Japanese bath, hot spring culture does not have any problem in particular.
I have not gone to FKK- beach, but there is no resistance in entering sauna and hot spring in nude really.

        Best wishes

December 6, 2017









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