We raise banner ads of village homepage

  Village raises banner ads to publish in top page of Rokkasho-mura homepage (http://www.rokkasho.jp/).

 Please propose offices in hope of publication to General Administration Division information system group after filling out matter necessary for application paper by last month 5 of publication start hope month. After the application, we examine the publication right or wrong and send notice of decision to applicant.

 We would appreciate your noting that there are conditions such as regulation type of industry (please see summary) or the following in publication.

Publication period 

We apply by unit for one month

Publication place 

Banner ad column of the lower top page

The number of the offer frames 

1 frame (at February 1, 2018. ※We cannot appoint publication place)

Publication charges 

①Company monthly basis 5,000 yen to include the head office or office in village

②Company except last issue             Monthly basis 6,000 yen

Deadline for application

Until last month 5 of publication start hope month

Size of publication banner

①58 pixels of size length, side 145 pixels

②Form image format GIF (possible animation), JPEG or PNG (about thing with movement such as animations physical thing which was considered not to burden of reader)

③10KB in capacity or less

 Advertisement that we cannot place

(1) We correspond to any of the following

Oh, there might be human rights violations, discrimination, libel

We offer product prohibited by i law, unauthorized product and inappropriate products such as goods of poor quality or service

We slander cormorant and others and we slander or expel

Oh, we affect smooth administration of advertisement business of village

We correspond to preelection campaigning of election of the Lord of o or vote

Thing for the purpose of propagation promotion by ka religious group

Or ki is similar to superstition non-scientifically, and bewilders user and might give uneasiness

It is infelicity socially ku

ke country public opinion is greatly divided

(2) As thing which and is not appropriate from the viewpoint of extended prevention to prevent of consumers damage, we correspond to any of the following

Oh, expression that causes expression (hype) exaggerated, indication without grounds and misunderstanding

Expression to fan i speculative spirit remarkably

The Labor Standards Laws do not observe laws and ordinances concerned about u jinzaiboshuhirometsuge

Oh, we display false contents

Type of industry, the commercial law, product which is not recognized in o laws and ordinances

Medical treatment that person who is not based on mosquito national qualifications performs

ki who is responsible is not clear

Content of ku advertisement is not clear

Thing of expression that ke country, local public entity, other public organizations recommend advertiser or product or service, and seems to be doing guarantee, designation

(3) We correspond to any of the following as thing which is not appropriate from the viewpoint of young people protection and healthy upbringing

Oh, is unrelated to advertisement contents with swimsuit look or naked body look; of inevitability there is not. But we shall examine propriety when there is inevitability to display in conjunction with an example of exhibition work or advertisement contents each time.

Expression that answers in the affirmative, and promotes i violence and crime

Expression that is against good manners and customs including description that cormorant is cruel

Oh, association reminds of violence or obscenity

We affirm ogyamburu

Thing which is harmful to mosquito young human body, mind, education

 Application style

Homepage insertion application [41KB doc file] 

Homepage insertion application [100KB pdf file] 


Rokkasho-mura homepage insertion handling summary [266KB pdf file]