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Life info

It is information to be useful for living.


Land, house

Support to house
Building certification application
Report and proposal based on law about promotion of expansion of public land
Guidance (the business details, window application) of Obuchi lake town north district sale in lots
Notification forms such as land buying and selling
Large-scale act report
City planning
Outdoor advertising matter

Family register, resident card

Report about transfer of resident card
Main notifications about family register
Seal registration
Basic Resident Register card
Electronic certificate (public personal identification service)
Certificates about family register, resident card
Alien registration


Delivery time of village tax payment
Outline of village tax and others

Health and welfare (Elderly, children and medical expenses)

Care insurance
Rokkasho-mura child, child care support project plan
Health promotion calendar
Children (mother and father)
Expectant mothers, infants
Person with a disability
Welfare consultation
Application for payment of lump-sum funeral allowance
Application about hospitalization
Application about medical expenses

Health, the welfare [others]


Main notifications about dog


Local welfare officer


Web pages of sections

Tax Affairs Section
Policy promotion section / policy promotion group
Sightseeing in policy promotion section / group
Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Division
Child support section
Water and sewage section

Education board

Various procedures
Child, child care

Download application forms

TV kyo**bisekiren

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Rokkasho Village Office: 475 Aza-Nozuki, Oaza-Obuchi, Rokkasho-mura, Kamikita-gun, Aomori 0393212, Japan TEL: 0175-72-2111 (main) FAX: 0175-72-2603

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