Application method

Application by input form or mail, FAX is possible.

Please apply for one wanting the credit settlement, the carrier settlement from portal site.


▲  Application in portal site

  We would like from hometown tax site "satofuru".


             ※ We can move even if we click banner

 Application by mail, FAX

We offer predetermined contribution and download book, and I would like application. In addition, I report and send book if you can contact.

You mail "contribution proposal book" by either method of mail, FAX or E-mail or please transmit

(in the case of FAX, E-mail, please mail the original later).

<application> Contribution proposal book [18KB docx file] 


Rokkasho village office business and industry Tourism Division

◆Address Kamikita-gun, Aomori six shomuradaijibi*jiyafu 475

◆Telephone 0175-72-2111 ◆FAX 0175-72-2122


▲ Instructions

  When we do not get confirmation of the receipt of money from contribution application after the progress for three months, it should be cancellation.

▲  Payment of donation

In the case of postal transfer, payment fee mails free payment vote.

In the case of bank transfer, we will tell about transfer account of village, but transfer fee is charged to the person.

  Donation receipt certificate sending

We send donation receipt certificate from village to person who had contribution after donation confirmed that it was received money.


About article of thanks

It is small, but wants to send small present to person who had hometown tax (contribution).

You report and list article of thanks to hope for in book attached sheet, and please send.

※It applies to person who had hometown tax (contribution) more than 10,000 yen.


List of articles of list of articles thanks for thanks. pdf [474KB pdf file] 

According to contribution amount of money, you can choose article (A course or B course) of thanks.

<list of articles of thanks

Contribution amount of money Article of thanks
More than 10,000 yen It is one article from A course
More than 20,000 yen It is two articles from one article or A course from B course
More than 50,000 yen

It is five articles from A course

Or it is one article from three articles of +B courses from A course

Or it is two articles from one article of +B course from A course

More than 100,000 yen

It is one article from eight articles of +B courses from ten articles or A course from A course

Or it is five articles from four articles or B course from two articles of +B courses from three articles or A course from four articles of +B courses from two articles or A course from six articles of +B courses from A course


A course ※For details, please confirm "article inspection of thanks"

Article number Brand name Contents Remarks
A-1 nanakuraninjin juice 1,000 ml of carrot juice *3  

Rokkasho noted product "sesame six" Aomori product

20 rice cakes case of Tsugaru-roman

Entering 20 sesame six

A-3 Fan-tailed warbler ringopai, kanraku treasure set

Fan-tailed warbler ringopai X 1

kanraku treasure (stick cheesecake) X 3


B course   ※For details, please confirm "article inspection of thanks"             
Article number Brand name Contents Remarks
B-1 Rokkasho wine

Rose wine (720 ml)

White wine (720 ml)

B-2 Terrine of heavy blueberry chocolate


B 3 Galbi for Lake Kogawara cow roasted meat

800 g

B-4 Lake Kogawara cow ribulose sukiyaki 600 g  
B-5 Lake Kogawara cow chuck shabu-shabu 700 g  

In addition, (link)

  •  Hometown tax site [oldness and choice]

  • General information site [my town hometown tax] of hometown tax

  • Hometown tax donation system,6989,20, html

  • Hometown tax one stop exception system,7403,20, html


・About trust of storing office work

 As we entrusted with the collection of the annual revenue or office work of storing by rule of Local Government Act enforcement order (1947 government ordinance 16th) Article 158 Clause 1 as follows, we notify by rule of article Clause 2. (Rokkasho notification 99th)

Address, full name of the other party where we are going to entrust with 1

 Address 2-2-1, Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Kyobashi Ed Grand 13F

 When it is full name, it falls


Annual revenue subject that is going to entrust with 2



Reason to need 3 trust

 Because we represent, and we are paid by method of public money payment by the Internet.