We bless birth of child and pay money of child celebration to promote healthy growth.

Target person

Protector of child whom we gave birth to on after April 1, 2018 admitted that we were listed in Basic Resident Register of village, and there were grounds of life in village

Allowance and supply method

 First child 100,000 yen

 Later-born 200,000 yen

 It is 300,000 yen after the third child

 We pay money of celebration in full in the next month of supply decision.

Application method

 You fill out the following application, and please submit.

 Rokkasho-mura child celebration gold supply business application [99KB pdf file] 

 Attached documents: Copy of transfer financial institution bankbook or bank card 


 ※One with nonpayment allots to village rates, ryo after having with consent of the person and decides to pay the remainder.