Top 13 area public facilities guidance collection of links

Towada-shi (towadashi) Misawa-shi (misawashi) Noheji-machi (nohejimachi)
  • Towada Art Center
  • People's culture center
  • General physical education center
  • Other facilities
  • Misawa-shi public hall
  • Misawa-shi international exchange Education Center
  • Ice arena
  • Other facilities
  • History race museum
  • Sightseeing product PR center
  • Heated indoor pool
    Sun village noheji
  • Other facilities
Shichinohe-machi (shichinohemachi) Rokunohe-machi (we wait to registering) Yokohama-machi (yokohamamachi)
  • Seven houses motion park
  • Temma forest movement park
  • Contact center
  • Other facilities
  • Culture hall
  • General gymnasium
  • General exercise park
  • Other facilities
  • Contact center
  • Training center
  • Natural experience-based land
  • Other facilities
Tohoku-machi (touhokumachi) Oirase-cho (Oirase butterfly) Rokkasho-mura (rokkashomura)
  • Tohoku-machi community center
  • Northeastern townsman Cultural Center
  • Tohoku-machi north general exercise park
  • Other facilities
  • Oirase townsman interchange center
  • Ginkgo park
  • Shimoda Park
  • Other facilities
  • Cultural exchange brother Swany
  • Oishi general exercise park
  • Real shochu six flavor brewing studio
  • Other facilities

※The above displays main public facilities of each municipality.