Rokkasho-mura homepage is constructed in "group" - "category" - "subcategory" - "page". In addition, please use as you can utilize search feature or site map when you look for information.



 "Home where "group" is displayed by the screen upper part," it is composed "Life info" "Anti-Disaster" "sightseeing" "Rokkasho & Energy" "Intro" in seven groups of "Administration". We can display "category" to belong to the "group" by clicking item of "group" except "home". In addition, we can move to each "group" anytime as "group" is displayed in all pages.


"Category" "subcategory"

 "Category" is item in conjunction with "group". We can display "subcategory" to belong to the "category" by clicking "category" displayed in the screen left part. When it is item which subdivided "category", and "subcategory" clicks "subcategory" more, "page" belonging to the "subcategory" is displayed.


You are currently here:

 "Present position" displayed under "the group" displays where the opening page is now. In addition, "category" can move to "subcategory" "group" by clicking each item name of "present position".



 There is keyword input column for "search" in screen top right corner part. When we input keyword and click "search" button, we can search.


Site map

 "Site map" displays constitution of the whole homepage. We can move from link of "site map" of top of the page and the lower part.