About this site

In Rokkasho-mura, we renewed homepage on October 1, 2011.
It was easy to see than to this and became able to offer much information.
As we will run site in future towards homepage that is available toward the lot,
Thank you in advance.

In addition, each department in charge and person in charge make information and update Rokkasho-mura homepage.
Inquiry about publication contents to department in charge of each page and person in charge (list in footline of each page)
We would like.  



Link policy

As a general rule, link to Rokkasho-mura homepage (http://www.rokkasho.jp/) is free, but please be careful about the following things.
When you set link, as a general rule, you make link to top page, and please specify that it is link to Rokkasho-mura official site.