We appreciate your accessing homepage of Rokkasho-mura.

 Motomura is located on the Pacific side of root part of Shimokita, Aomori Peninsula and, in 252.68 square kilometers and very large area, has characteristic sceneries such as the rich shore or hill country for change.
 Wetlands group dotted in village brings up life of rare insect and animals and plants and can observe figures such as migratory birds coming flying throughout the year.

 Name of "Rokkasho-mura" comes from that we unified six villages (Deto, hawk shelf, Hiranuma, Obuchi, Kurauchi, night) which there was for a long time with the municipality organization enforcement of 1889 (Meiji 22).
 Traditional arts or festival are still inherited ceaselessly, and, in each district, the culture is succeeded to carefully to children carrying the next generation. 

 For a long time, we do Mutsu-Ogawara Development plan with nucleus through much difficulty by steady effort and wisdom of guide and, since the village system enforcement, are town of energy of our country best that national oil reserve base and Reactor fuel cycle facility, international nuclear fusion energy research center, windfarm (large-scale wind-generated electricity facility), much energy related facilities including Japanese best category mega solar (photovoltaic power generation facility) under construction now accumulate.


 I advocated the word to "be happier than progress" in basic principles of village administration.

 We value that we face villagers and will always wrestle for leap of further village with every effort.

 Through this homepage, we would appreciate your understanding Rokkasho-mura to many everybodies.

 Come to Rokkasho-mura where science fuses with rich nature by all means.